How to get hired by a director

Here is something many people miss. Jobs are not going to come to you just like that. If you want to get hired for a film, you need to go for it. Nobody is going to call you to offer you a job, unless you are a really successful film scorer, which will take some time. So the main thing you need to do to get a job is become friends with many people that works in the film industry. The more people, the more chances that one of them puts you in contact with someone looking for a film scorer. Now, let’s clarify this, when I say “making friends”, I don’t mean making contacts or building a network, those are just shallow connections. I’m talking about true friendship. I’m talking about a relationship where each person likes the other, cares about her and is willing to help and support her. Just think about this, why would a person who knows you don’t care about her ever help you? Another related thing you could do is contact directors. One way would be by going to cinema festivals and try to talk to directors and give them your samples. At first they will ignore you, but after you meet with them a few times, they might start responding warmly to your approaches and listen to your music. This seems like a hard thing to do (it actually is), but if you really want to become successful, you must be willing to do anything to reach your goals. Another option would be to contact them by social networks, or try to get their numbers. Finally, the most important thing you need to do when you are hired for a film is have a good relationship with your director (remember what I said about this) and learn to get into his mind so you can give him what he wants most of the times. Because remember, you are not only composing music that you like, you need your director to like it too. Do these two last things correctly, and your director might hire you for some other of his films. This is why Spielberg and Williams, Zimmer and Nolan or Burton and Elfman worked together for so long.

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