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At Filmiere you can meet other engaged in the craft of film making, assemble your team and get your project rolling

All great film projects begin with a script. At Filmiere filmmakers can begin by finding the right Script Writer for your project. Script Writers can connect with Film Makers and Videographers in need of your expertise for projects of all sizes. Filmiere allows registered members to connect through its unique online message center which matches Script Writers with Film Makers. Script Writers who want to bring their work to the screen can meet and discuss their projects with film making professionals including Financiers, Directors and Producers.
Film and video projects rely on the editor. Bring your project to a successful conclusion by meeting and hiring expert editors for film and sound. Picture and sound editors are necessary to seamlessly showcase the work. Filmiere Members can connect with technical experts such as the essential editor for picture and sound on the Members Only Messaging Platform at Filmiere. Registered Film and Sound Editors can get featured by advertising their services to video and film makers who are always in search of technical experts. With two ways to connect through advertising and message boards, Filmiere Members experienced in Editing can find projects that fit their skills.
Filmiere Members can find the right marketing mavens for any film or video project. Members of Filmiere have unlimited access to engage with and discuss their projects with specialists in the film and video marketing field. An essential element to the completed project is marketing it to gain exposure and recognition. Filmiere Members have access to advertising boards and the direct contact information of advertisers as well as unlimited live chat access via the Members Only Messaging Platform App. Create, produce complete and market your film or video project by collaborating with marketing specialists at Filmiere.
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An important part of all film and video production is the Cinematography. On the Filmiere Members Only Messaging App, Film makers and Videographers can engage in one on one dialogue with Cinematography and find the perfect fit and experience level for their projects. The Cinematography brings the project to life with crisp clean film processes to bring a professional touch to any commercial or artistic film project. Filmiere is for those to like to talk film processes, as a Filmiere Member you will have unlimited access to advertising boards, contact information and most importantly live chat
Registered Filmiere Film Makers in need of financial backing can meet and discuss your projects. Registered Filmiere Members who specialize in providing financing for creative projects can be contacted in the Financiers section of Filmiere. Film Makers can easily connect with Financiers who actively provide financial backing for viable creative video and film projects through an exclusive Members Only Messaging Platform. Financial backing is a key step in bringing your creative ideas to life on video or film.
Production is essential to Film Makers and Video Creators in completing every project with a professional presentation. At Filmiere Member Film and Video Makers can find the right Production Specialist for a variety of projects. From the advertising boards to the Members Only Messaging Platform, collaborations between producers and film makers are easy with direct contact and negotiations. Discuss, collaborate, and work together with all the essential specialists needed to produce a professionally completed film or video project. Filmiere Film Makers and Videographers include those engaged in commercial as well as artistic ventures in the world of pictures.
Registered Filmiere Members include skilled film and Video Directors to professionally guide your creative projects. Film Makers and Directors can easily connect, discuss, and collaborate through the exclusive Members Only Filmiere Messaging Platform. Filmiere is your source to find the skilled Directors who will bring video and film projects to a successful conclusion. Registered Filmiere Film Maker Members can interview and connect with Directors for projects of any size or genre, whether commercial or artistic. Filmiere Member Directors will gain exposure to video and film makers who are actively seeking your services.
The graphics are and important element in completing every video and film project. The work of the Graphics expert is often the first and last thing seen by the viewer of every video and film. Quality graphics are vital to polish the professionalism of video and film projects. Graphics specialists and video and film makers can connect through the Filmiere Messaging Platform to discuss projects of all sizes. Graphic designers for film and video from student to professional are available for any video or film making budget. Graphic designer Members of Filmiere can easily connect and discuss a variety of video and filmmaking projects on the Members Only Messaging Platform of Filmiere.
Even in the early 1900’s in the era of the silent film, sound in the form of a musical soundtrack was important in furthering the plot, building suspense, adding to the drama and comedy. Film and video makers can connect with sound specialists on the Members Only Platform. Musical specialists including composers and performers can meet film and video creators who need musical scores for their projects. Those engaged in the fields of music can partake in one on one conversations with film and video makers and discuss projects coming to collaboration agreements. Filmiere is for everyone involved in the creative process of commercial and artistic film and video making

Every film needs a TEAM. At Filmiere you can meet others engaged in the craft of filmmaking, assemble your team and get your project rolling. Filmiere member profiles include film financiers and distributors as well as experts in production, editing, cinematography, graphics, sound, music, everyone you need to successfully complete your film project.

Build a team for your commercial or artistic film project. Meet people with the skills you need to successfully complete your film. Musicians, composers, lighting experts, editors, graphic designers. Filmiere is for anyone engaged in the growing film industry. Find equipment, location and studio rentals as well as hire actors, writers, and the technicians all on Filmiere.

What is Filmiere?

Whether you are a director who needs actors, a producer, who needs a director, writers, camera people, graphic artist, editors and even locations, Filmiere is for you

From Idea to Team to Completed Film

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Filmiere is your place to make contacts, engage, interact, collaborate and create a team for your film projects. Whether you are a director who needs actors, a producer who needs a director, writers, camera people, graphic artists, editors and even locations. Filmiere is for YOU.

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