Apple Studios has acquired the rights to adapt the thriller “Snow Blind,” starring Jake Gyllenhaal

(Photograph credit: Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros)

Apple has a new guest: Jake Gyllenhaal. He’ll star in a film directed by Gustav Möller whose recent “The Guilty” was nominated for Oscar this year. He will direct the film based on the story by Ollie Masters and published by Boom! Studios in 2017. Patrick Ness is writing the screenplay. reports that, according to The Wrap, Apple has now acquired the rights of making a film adaptation of the “Snow Blind”.

The plot is reported as: “the story of a high school student in Alaska whose life is turned upside down when he posts a photo of his dad online. He soon thereafter learns that he and his family are in the Witness Protection Program and are now being hunted by not only the FBI but also a man out for revenge who invades their small town.” Gyllenhaal has starred in thrillers such as “Nightcrawler”, “Zodiac” and “Prisoners” over the years. Since he has a good eye for thrillers, this might be great as well.

Credit-Mensur Zeinal

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