David Fincher’s recent remarks caused debates.

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Acclaimed director David Fincher is up there promoting his new movie “Mank” but his comments keep causing a lot of heat on online platforms, Filmiere.com confirms.

First Fincher made into headlines for criticizing the recent hit “Joker”, directed by Todd Phillips. Fincher said it’s was a “betrayal of the mentally ill” and the whole movie was far from being innovative; saying it’s somewhat of a poor mix of “Taxi Driver” and “King of Comedy”.

Then in another interview, he said he’s going to make TV series about cancel culture. It’s unknown if he said it with his deadpan humor or not ‘cause Fincher’s humor can be lost on paper. Another discussion was his criticism of Orson Welles.

“Well, I think Orson Welles’s tragedy lies in the mix between monumental talent and filthy immaturity,” explained Fincher.

“Sure, there is a genius in ‘Citizen Kane,’ who could argue? But when Welles says, ‘It only takes an afternoon to learn everything there is to know about cinematography,’ pfff…

Let’s say that this is the remark of someone who has been lucky to have Gregg Toland around him to prepare the next shot… Gregg Toland, damn it, an insane genius !”

Fans argued that Fincher got this part wrong because Orson shared his on-screen credit with Toland and it was Toland who told him that you can learn anything about cinematography in hours.

In his interview with “Premiere” magazine of France, Fincher added that his film doesn’t necessarily follow Pauline Kael’s thoughts since “it’s more complicated than that”. With “Mank” interviews going on, it’s interesting how Fincher will keep defending his thoughts and how the industry is going to respond to it.

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