RIP Wilford Brimley

(Photograph credit: Universal Pictures)

Another sad passing of the week that has to report is unfortunately Wilford Brimley. As usual with many established character actors, he was more of a guy the audiences will think of “that guy in that movie” rather than knowing by his name but Wilford Brimley did it all; the scene he goes nuts in John Carpenter masterpiece “The Thing” is simply amazing to watch and it’s somewhat popular.

He had diabetes and 85, so the news shouldn’t be surprising to some but still, it’s sad to see a great character actor goes away. He was also very fun in “Cocoon” and “In & Out”, also memorable in “The Natural”, great performance in “The Firm”. Brimley also does a lot of TV work, which includes another great performance in the 80s TV series “Our House”.

And he was active on Twitter just until yesterday, similar to Carl Reiner which makes it all really sad. Don Amache won an Oscar for “Cocoon” but Brimley was as impressive, like that in the fishing scene. His presence will be missed in movies.

Mensur Zeinal

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