Warner Bros to change some release dates.

(Photograph credit: Warner Bros.)

“Tom and Jerry” new version – which recently got a trailer – can get itself an Oscar nomination for VFX, in the same way like “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” did. That’s because Warner Bros. changed the release date of the upcoming feature film, reports Filmiere.com.

The film was moved up a week and will debut on Feb. 26, 2021, instead of the previously scheduled March 5 and it might be because of the Oscars or something else because some other titles have also changed their release date.

“Mortal Kombat,” a live-action adaptation of the popular video game, was originally set for Jan. 15, 2021, and will now open on April 16, 2021. “Reminiscence,” which was initially slated for mid-April, was removed from the studio’s calendar.

All those films, as previously announced, will premiere on HBO Max which the decision itself got a lot of discussions.

When Warner Bros. announced the plans earlier in December, a promotional trailer offered a disclaimer that individual release dates are “subject to change,” so more calendar shifts may be on the horizon.

We’ll keep you updated about any news regarding the release date changes. Hopefully whatever their decision is won’t harm theatres and all films will be worth the wait.

Credit: Mensur Zeinal

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