Alan Parker – RIP

(Photograph credit: Everett Collection/Entertainment Weekly)

It’s very hard for to keep on informing you about the deaths of beloved and respected movie people but unfortunately, we lost one of the great ones again – British icon Alan Parker, who has received two Oscar nominations for his directorial works in “Mississippi Burning” and “Midnight Express”.

He’s often associated with musical or music-based films like “Pink Floyd: The Wall”, “The Commitments”, “Evita”, and “Fame” but he has gone to make all kinds of movies, including hard-hitting dramas “Birdy” and “Angela’s Ashes” as well as many well-known and beloved thrillers and horrors like “Life of David Gale” and “Angel Heart”.

“I usually react against what I’ve just done before,” Parker said in a 2003 interview. “The thing is, I started with Bugsy Malone, which was like a ridiculous pragmatic exercise to try and get any kind of film done; and then I did Midnight Express. And they were such opposite kinds of film that it sort of set me in a pattern of doing different things each time.

“Parker hasn’t directed anything since 2003, though he kept on having a public appearance and still kept on getting honored for his remarkable contributions to cinema. So many of his fans were waiting that maybe he’ll still direct again. His legacy will live on.

Mensur Zeinal

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