Claire Denis is back to work

(Photograph credit: The Playlist)

The next Claire Denis’s movie is with Vincent Lindon and Juliette Binoche, both previous collaborators. French auteur is seeming can’t work in Central America for obvious reasons but she’s not staying without work.

She had to make “Stars at Noon” with Robert Pattinson and Margaret Qualley but the project got delayed because of a pandemic, reports. However, she seems to have a new film on working in France which may be ready for next year’s Cannes edition.

The plot details and almost anything else is under wraps right now. Many sites waited on the project before reporting, which has now come in courtesy of a benefit auction listing.

Denis has just made her biggest production in “High Rise” and her films are usually acclaimed. It’s interesting what she will do with the new film. We’ll keep you updated.

Mensur Zeinal

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