Disney and 20th made a lot of schedule changes.

(Photograph credit: 20th Century and Disney)

Seems almost impossible to think of a year without a Marvel release but for obvious reasons, there’s none this year. As “The Eternals” moved to late next year, and “Black Widow” will also get a summer release. “The King’s Man” delayed way more.

But it’s not just Marvel or comics-related movies. Kenneth Branagh’s sequel to “Murder on the Orient Express” called “Death on the Nile” will be released next December.

Ben Affleck and Anna De Armas-starring supposedly erotic thriller, and a comeback from director Adrien Lyne titled “Dark Water” moved to August of 2021.

Steven Spielberg will also not be in conversation this year for any awards since “West Side Story” will be kept for next year’s fall release.

Credit: Mensur Zeinal

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