More auteurs to appear in San Sebastian Film Festival

(official logo of the festival. Photograph credit: SSIFF)

As already been reported by Woody Allen’s new movie “Rifkin’s Festival” is the opening film of Spain’s most prestigious film festival San Sebastian. That’s not it though; many other auteurs will have their films screened. Including Sharunas Bartas, Naomi Kawase, François Ozon, and Thomas Vinterberg. The festival will also screen the work of new directors such as Dea Kulumbegashvili and Takuma Sato.

Bartas’ new film In The Dusk will deal with the partisan movement of Lithuania during WWII. Kawase is here for Asa Ga Kuru / True Mothers. A new exploration of the family microcosm through the confrontation between two mothers: one biological and the other adoptive.  Ozon’s new film Summer of 85 is seemingly semi-autobiographical work and Thomas Vinterberg has Druk / Another Round. A new collaboration with his frequent actor Mads Mikkelsen. Without a doubt, a lot of exciting titles that attendees will enjoy.

Credit-Mensur Zeinal

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