Sad news from Jeff Bridges

(Photograph credit: Jeff Bridges’ Instagram account)

Beloved “Dude” of cinema; Jeff Bridges has been considered one of the finest actors of his generation since ever he broke out with “Last Picture Show” (1971). But he didn’t stop since then; he created a certain persona on screen, mostly after his legendary character The Dude in “The Big Lebowski” (1997).

He had also shown incredible versatility through films “Mirror Has Two Faces”, “Fearless”, “Jagged Edge”, “Fisher King” and nominated for several Oscars, even for “Starman” which was unusual for a genre film. It took him a while to win it but he finally won for “Crazy Heart”.

Now the actor shared the pictured message from his social network accounts. While he didn’t forget to call Americans to vote at the elections, he also shared the sad news that he’s got Lymphoma. It’s a serious disease, as he says but he’s optimistic.

As, we’ll also remain optimistic about the beloved actor and hopefully, we’ll see more of his terrific performances. Cinema is not complete without The Dude.

Mensur Zeinal

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