“The Batman” trailer is out

(Photograph credit: Warner Bros. Pictures)

Comic book fans had a good week, especially those of DC Comics since they got the new “Wonder Woman” trailer and upcoming Snyder Cut of “Justice League”. Probably the most discussed one was “The Batman”, Matt Reeves’ new adaptation and the general reception is positive.

Of course, the movie this big will always get criticism and doubts, but that’s always the case. So far, we got the in-larger look at Robert Pattinson as Batman, including his eye make-up in which some of the “Batman” films were magically disappearing when he was taking his mask off.

Then we got to see Jeffrey Wright and some others, even though Paul Dano and Zoe Kravitz were mostly in mask and fans kept discussing if it was Colin Farrell in make-up, as one character was almost unrecognizable in make-up but looks like Penguin indeed.

The film follows a more Nolan-ish semi-serious atmosphere of Gotham with noir traditions. So those who prefer Tim Burton’s style will be disappointed seemingly. Matt Reeves made it clear that it’s a detective story loyal to the origins of the comic book with the noir tradition of “Chinatown”, the street look of “Taxi Driver” and the atmosphere of cop films like “The French Connection”. Everything sounds good, so far. Filmiere.com will keep you updated.

Mensur Zeinal

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