Tom Cruise’s space film is happening with 200+ million budget

(Photograph credit: Universal Pictures) reminds people that Tom Cruise was reportedly in talks with Elon Musk and others to have a film shot in space. Yes, in the actual space which sounds insane but Cruise, one of the major movie stars in the world who mostly take on action films in the last decade or so and known to make groundbreaking theatrical scenes and stunts, has now made a further step in making this project come alive.

According to Variety, the budget is around 200 million. Sources close to production tell Variety the $200 million price point is an optimistic projection given the space travel involved and therefore the budget could be much higher. Cruise himself is expected to get paid between 30M-60M.

The project is supposed to be directed by Cruise’s old pal Doug Liman who directed him in “Edge of Tomorrow” and “American Made” and they’re keen on making this a huge theatrical experience since according to reports, they’ve turned down every streaming service there is. Spending that much of money is risky but it’s Cruise, it’s something revolutionary (a film in space!), so it may pay off.

Mensur Zeinal

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